7 Must-Have Items for Your Disney World Park Bag

7 Must Have Items for Your Disney World Park Bag

When preparing for a visit to a Disney World park, it is important to remember a few essential items to pack in your park bag.
2022-wdw-atmos-dak-tree-of-life-reflection-stockIn addition to the essentials such as sunscreen, hand sanitizer, sunglasses, and a portable phone charger, there are some more unusual items that people consider as must-haves in their Disney park bag. We asked our readers on our Facebook page about their most random “must-bring” item, and here’s what they shared!

7 Must-Have Items for Your Disney World Park Bag

Dryer Sheets

Our readers truly delivered when it came to random items for their Disney bags. One person mentioned that they always include dryer sheets in their bag. Why, you ask? Well, they explained, “I pack dryer sheets to place inside shoes after each day and also pack extras in the suitcase to ensure that clothes stay smelling fresh.
7 Must-Have Items for Your Disney World Park BagIt seems that our readers have some interesting strategies for keeping their shoes fresh at Disney World. Another person shared that they use tea bags in their shoes for a similar effect, stating that they help keep the shoes fresh and absorb any moisture. Who would have thought? If you’re curious to try out the dryer sheet trick, you can find All Dryer Sheets on Amazon.



The All brand dryer sheets mentioned earlier are fragrance-free and free from dyes. They come in a box containing 120 dryer sheets and are currently priced at $4.47.

To purchase these dryer sheets and give this trick a try on your next trip, click here!

Food Tray

We understand the struggle all too well. You find yourself at the front of the line at the Mexico booth during the Food and Wine Festival, you’ve placed your order, and now you have all this delicious food… but not enough hands to hold everything! Luckily, one of our readers has a clever solution. They plan ahead and bring a small tray from the dollar store specifically for holding food from the festival booths at Epcot. It’s a smart and practical idea!


Mexico Booth at the Food and Wine Festival

That’s indeed an excellent idea! If you’re searching for a tray to bring along on your next Disney trip, we discovered this Food Tray on Amazon. It could be a convenient option for carrying your food and ensuring you have a hassle-free dining experience at the festival booths.

2022-food-tray-amazon ©️Amazon

TThis specific tray measures 10″ x 14″ and is currently available on Amazon for a price of $4.40.

Water Flavoring

This particular suggestion was quite popular among our readers. Many individuals mentioned that they dislike the taste of water in Disney World, so they bring their own flavorings to enhance its taste.


It’s true that many individuals have expressed a dislike for the taste of water in Disney World. Another reader recommended using a water bottle with a filter instead, specifically mentioning a Brita filter water bottle that effectively eliminates any undesirable taste from the water. If you’re interested in adding some flavor to your water, we discovered this pineapple strawberry flavored Mio Water Enhancer available at Target. Additionally, this particular Mio Water Enhancer is the Energy version, containing caffeine and Vitamin B boosters, which could potentially help combat any fatigue you may experience during your Disney vacation.

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This water enhancer bottle is priced at $3.99 and contains approximately 18 servings.

If water flavoring is not your preference, we also discovered this Brita Water Bottle on Amazon. It could be a suitable alternative for those who seek a filtered water solution during their Disney trip.



The Brita Water Bottle filter is available in various colors and two different sizes. The particular one mentioned is a 36-ounce bottle that includes the filter. It is priced at $23.49.

Chip Clips

Multiple readers shared their clever idea of bringing chip clips with them when visiting Disney World, but not for their intended purpose of clipping chips. Instead, they use them to keep the curtains in their hotel room together. What a brilliant and resourceful solution!


Absolutely! It’s essential to find a way to keep those bags of chips securely closed.

Indeed, chip clips can serve multiple purposes beyond just keeping curtains together. They can be utilized to secure pool towels to chairs, hang items for drying in the room, and of course, seal bags of chips. If you’re looking to acquire chip clips for your upcoming Disney World vacation, we discovered this pack of 16 Multicolored Clips available on Amazon.



You can purchase this pack of 16 clips for $10.99.

Click here to buy the chip clips from Amazon!


In case you were unaware, it’s worth noting that Disney World does not sell gum in any of its stores. This policy is implemented to help maintain the cleanliness of the property.


it’s true, gum is not available for purchase in Disney stores.

As a result, several of our readers mentioned that they bring their own gum to Disney World due to this restriction. One reader even emphasized the importance of properly disposing of it. If you need to replenish your gum supply before your Disney World trip, we discovered this Extra Spearmint gum available on Amazon.



Each pack of this Extra Spearmint gum contains 15 sticks of gum, and the order includes a total of 10 packs. You can purchase this gum for $7.15.

Disposable Gloves

Here’s an intriguing suggestion from one of our guests. They recommend bringing disposable gloves, such as latex or vinyl gloves, when visiting the Disney parks. According to their advice, wearing gloves can make it much easier to enjoy messy snacks or quick service meals without getting your hands sticky or dirty. It’s an interesting tip for keeping your hands clean and maintaining a pleasant dining experience at Disney.


You might consider bringing gloves to your next Disney meal!

Another reader made an interesting point, mentioning that they bring gloves to Disney World because unexpected mishaps can occur. If you’re interested in purchasing a box of disposable gloves, we found these Disposable Gloves available at Target. They can be a handy item to have on hand for various situations during your Disney trip.

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These particular gloves are power-free nitrile gloves. The box includes 50 gloves, and they are designed to fit most hand sizes. The price for a box of 50 gloves is $8.89.

Tupperware/Ziploc Baggies

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you’re enjoying a fantastic quick service meal or snack at Disney World, but it’s too large to finish, and you can’t take it with you? Well, here’s a solution: Tupperware and Ziploc Bags! By bringing Tupperware containers and Ziploc bags with you, you can conveniently pack any remaining food to enjoy later. It’s a practical approach to make sure you don’t waste any delicious treats during your Disney adventure.


Splash Mountain Ziploc

One of our readers mentioned that they always bring a Tupperware container specifically for their Wookiee Cookie, while another reader brings Ziploc bags in different sizes. The latter reader expressed their dislike for wasted food, as their eyes tend to be bigger than their stomach. They always end up taking leftovers back to their room. If you’re looking for Ziploc bags, we found this box of Ziploc Sandwich bags, which happen to be the ideal size for various purposes during your Disney experience.



This box of Ziploc Sandwich bags contains 90 bags and is priced at $4.36.

Click here to buy the Ziploc Sandwich bags from Amazon!

If you prefer the Tupperware option, we found these small plastic containers in sandwich size available at Target. They can be a suitable choice for storing your leftovers or snacks during your Disney trip.



This pack consists of five small plastic containers and is currently priced at $3.69.

There are several items that we highly recommend bringing with you to Disney World. It is essential to remember to pack sunscreen, hand sanitizer, a portable phone charger, and a comfortable pair of shoes. These items will help ensure a pleasant and enjoyable experience during your visit.


Don’t forget to pack your sunscreen!

If you’re still unsure about what to pack for your Disney World trip, we have a wealth of resources available to assist you. You can explore our guides on determining your Disney World park bag essentials and what to pack if you’re traveling to Disney World with kids. After reading through some of the reader responses we shared, you may find it beneficial to add a few of these items to your bag as well. Remember to stay updated with the latest Disney news and information by staying tuned to Daizy Store. We are here to provide you with valuable insights and assist you in making the most of your Disney experience!

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